Systematic Training in Relaxation and Regulation; Inner Peace for Every Student

Mindfulness Yoga Tune-Ups for Learning & Managing Children’s Stress and Attention at School and at Home


STRIPES Time – 3 Easy Steps! (5-15 minutes)

Step #1 – One Minute of Deep Breathing

Deep, slow breathing helps students put the brakes on and slow down. Like a breath of fresh air, this easy breathing method creates clarity and calmness and can lead to a more positive attitude. Children are more likely to make a rational decision, with increased concentration and focus.

Step #2 – 3-15 Minutes of Simple Movements

This step is simple and fun with no competition, unlike many team sports. Movements, such as crossing over the midline of the body, are meant to cultivate the perfect mental state for listening and learning, therefore making your students “learning ready”.

Step #3 – One Minute of Mindful Sitting

This important step will teach children how to practice mindful sitting. It helps students relax, quiets their mind and helps them understand what is going on in and around their body. This leads them to the perfect state for focusing on the task at hand and leaves them with a sense of inner calm.