Welcome from Jill

Fit Yoga is an incredible practice of connection through your mind, your body, and the deepest spaces of your self-awareness and intention.

My true passion is yoga and fitness and I believe that fitness is a way of life and should be a routine just as waking up in the morning.

I believe keeping your mind and body in sync is most important to having good health. My dream to help others continues to be a reality. My experience in Yoga and Personal training allows me to encourage people to take those steps necessary to lead a long and healthy life.

Honoring dead treeYoga has changed my life in so many ways. It has taught me to be healthier, happier, and take care of myself and others.

After studying and practicing yoga for several years, I decided to follow my heart and become a teacher. I could not imagine my life without yoga. I am truly following my bliss.

Growing up I was always active in sports and loved working out! My journey with Yoga began in 2008. Since I am naturally pretty competitive, my sole reason for going to my first yoga class was to see if it was challenging enough for me! And boy was I humbled after that first class. OF course, that was a Bikram Yoga class. Although it kicked my butt – I absolutely loved it! I wasn’t crazy about the heat but I loved the challenge and the flexibility that I gained.

Mom and DadI later realized that I love diversity which began my search for other types of Yoga. In 2010 my whole world changed. I lost my father to cancer and my mother was placed into a group home for Alzheimer’s. My 3 siblings and I essentially lost both our parents at the same time. Yoga became my escape and healing place. I was also suffering from an Achilles tendon injury so I was not able to run.

I began to learn the true meaning of “letting go” and the healing process began. Not only was I healing from an injury, but my heart began to heal and I began to breathe. It’s a process where I’m still healing from the losses. I still miss my father terribly but he’s with me and I am so grateful. My mother is still suffering from this horrible disease but it’s taught me so much about being present. I cherish each and every moment, truly!

I began teaching in Prairie Creek Park and had a wonderful time in the natural setting. After a year of teaching and working in a local boot camp, another door opened. I partnered with a local fitness studio and had the opportunity to teach for over 2 years. It was a wonderful experience and learned so much about business and developed some amazing relationships.

I have settled into more of a hybrid yoga style that involved both Hatha and Vinyasa flow. You will find that I may pause to explain, demonstrate and make sure that my students understand how the movements are connected, how to access strength they didn’t know they had, and how to release what they were not aware they were holding on to.


I’m a giver and I LOVE my students. I love to give and share and teach. Yoga is the home of my soul, and my life-path. I believe what someone truly needs will come to them when they most need it. I have found this to be most true in life with yoga. Whether a person is looking for a good workout, tension release, flexibility, an hour of peace and stillness in the mind, or a study of the self, yoga will provide.

Yoga brings you back to your true-self, who you are at your core without labels or influence of society. Yoga opens you up and makes the heart shine.

FamilyI find myself incredibly blessed and grateful. I’m married to a wonderful and supportive husband, Brian. I’ve been blessed by this opportunity to open FitYoga with his support over all these years of pursing my dream and passion of Wellness.

We have an incredible son, Joey, who is our biggest blessing. Joey inspires me to be a better Mom every day and to be present. He was diagnosed recently with Mild Dyslexia and ADHD and it’s been a learning process. He’s learning through private tutoring, STRIPES, and Tae Kwon Do how to manage these challenges. This has also taught our family how to calm, breathe, and be present. It’s a daily practice!

When I’m not teaching, you can find me running, walking my beloved dogs, cycling and enjoying the outdoors in general.
I wish you well and invite you to join me on a yoga journey that fosters a well-balanced, non-judgmental, and free spirited, healthy life. Wellness for all!!

My certifications are with:

  • NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
  • CPT
  • RYT 200 from the Dallas Yoga Center
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • Optimal Personal Trainer for Youth
  • Yoga Instructor Certification
  • Group Fitness Training
  • Stripes Training (CST) Systematic Training in Relaxation; Inner Peace for Every Student
  • (A Brain/Body Fitness Training for Managing Your Children’s Stress and Attention; For Adults Who Help Children)

Jill HHH 2009Competitions:

  • Big D Half Marathon April 2015
  • Dallas Rock Half Marathon  Dec 2014
  • Little Rock Half Marathon 2013
  • Lozilu Mud Run 5k 2013
  • Rock’N’Roll Dallas Half Marathon 2010
  • Hotter Than Hell 2009
  • Disco Triathalon 2007
  • Danskin Triathalon 2002, 2005
  • Tri Cities Triathalon 2002
  • Rockwall Rotary Triathalon 2002
  • Dallas White Rock Marathon 1995