Let Go of the Ego – In order to try yoga, you don’t need to sit lotus-style or start meditating 24/7.  You don’t need to be the most flexible person in the room, nor should that be what drives you.  It’s not about who can hold a specific pose the longest or how far you can stretch.

One of the greatest aspects of yoga is that there’s a variation for every pose – a way to modify each one to match your exact level of ability.  It’s all about what’s best for you, given what you’re capable of and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Remember, it’s not a competition against others practitioners; however, if you are a competitive man, you can view it as a personal challenge to yourself to dig a bit deeper or go a bit farther with each session.

Many have talked about yoga providing back pain relief, better blood circulation, and even better sleep, so let’s stick mainly to the purely physical aspects associated with the practice.

Many men experience notable improvements in the following areas: flexibility, core strength, muscle tone, mental clarity, breath control, balance, posture, focus, and communication/connection between mind and body.

These are just some of the areas in which you may experience measurable improvement after only a few sessions.  Given the above, it’s clear why more and more professional athletes are adding yoga to their physical regimen.

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