Happy May to Everyone,

I’m amazed how quick April has come and gone and we’re in the month of May. This is a month where we celebrate Mother’s Day, Graduations, Ending of the School year, and so much more.  I do love this month as the weather is usually beautiful and everything has bloomed. Glorious indeed!

I decided our theme or Focus for May would be to Nourish our Minds. Nourish has a lot of meaning and is a word that applies to our lives from the inside and out. Nourish means the following; 1) To Provide with food or other substances necessary for life and growth; feed. 2) To support or encourage, 3) to strengthen or promote; foster.

We have 50,000+ thoughts per day and What we feed our mind affects our body. You might read that sentence again! It’s absolutely true. The more we learn how to practice loving and kind thoughts the better for our WHOLE self.  We practice this in Yoga as we also learn how to let go of the negative, anger, worry and tension.  We can begin to learn that nourishment of the Mind is so important. The more mindful we become with ourselves then that will affect how we treat others. This can help reduce anxiety, depression, low-self-esteem etc.

I look forward to seeing you in class as we practice Nourishing our Minds and our Whole Selves. Please also notice that FitYoga is growing! I’m so grateful to have some exciting new classes and new class series to offer. (Pre-natal) (Chair-Yoga), (Kids Camp) (Mindful Meditation).

PRE-NATAL – 8 Week Series (Pre-Registration is Required)

I strongly encourage those that are pregnant to consider the Pre-Natal series in June. It’s such a wonderful way to connect to our bodies while our bodies are changing. We learn life skills, Mindfulness and Self-Care which is vital during this special time. 


POWER – YOGA (DROP IN) Mondays – 7:30

The Power Yoga on Mondays is more intense if you’re seeking more of a workout. It’s really what you put into the practice is what you get out. Come join us as we sweat and flow with dynamic movements using our breath.


Chair Yoga – 5 Week Series (Pre-Registration is Required)

If you have limited mobility from an injury, illness, or age join us for our personal, breath centered chair yoga classes. As you practice the yoga poses, adapted to a chair, you can focus more closely on breathing, mindfulness, and flexibility, and enjoy all of the benefits of regular yoga practice


KidYoga Classes – TBA

KidYoga was a hit this Spring and we want to bring it back at least 1x per week this summer. Please stay tuned for dates and time to continue this amazing experience as our kids learn about mindfulness, breathing, play and body awareness.

Kids Yoga STRIPES Camp – (Aug 4th – Aug 8th) More details to Come

Will your child(ren) be ready for school at the end of summer? Does your child have any symptoms of the following: ADHD, Anxiety, Fear, Low Self-Esteem, Lack of Focus/Concentration?

Let’s help our students be mindful at school and prepare their brain and body to be “learning – ready” with STRIPES Summer Camp. This is a 3 Step Mindfulness Training in Mind and Body Awareness to help children in school. 1) Breathing, 2) Movement, 3) Stillness

Mindfulness Meditation Series- TBA

I’m so excited to announce that Alice Redding will be leading this meditation series at FitYoga this summer. We will be announcing a date very soon and so excited to share her amazing spirit and wisdom. Alice is a Certified Academic Language Therapist (C.A.L.T), Registered Yoga Instructor RYT), and creator of STRIPES.  She has been practicing Yoga and Meditation her whole life. She is extremely nurturing and has a gentle soul. You don’t want to miss it.

For more information on Alice .  Visit her website at www.stripesyoga.com

Thanks so much for all your Support.  A beautiful Mind begins with a Beautiful MindSet.